INSIDE OUT's first album "INSIDE OUT", released in 1993, sold thousands of copies in the U.S. and overseas, garnering attention from popular magazines KERRANG, FRONTIERS and BURRN. A collection of twelve songs, this was the bands' first foray into the international music scene.

INSIDE OUT's next album "SEASONS", released in 1996, was an impressive follow up to their debut, outselling the first in far less time. Along with great sales, it recieved more attention from national magazines, including a write up in METAL EDGE. This is where the modern rock sound of INSIDE OUT was cultivated.

INSIDE OUT's next release was a promotional 2 song cassette single, released in 1998, offering the future sounds of INSIDE OUT. Combining more instrumental depth and expanding their lyrical breadth, this cassette is a taste of what is to come from a band that has much more to offer.

INSIDE OUT's latest project is the 2014 release of their long awaited third full length CD "UNBREAKABLE".  The sounds of INSIDE OUT have evolved into a new Heavy Modern Rock that will reach to your soul and turn you Inside Out. Unbreakable is a collection of songs with a totally new sound that is sure to satisfy the hunger of the true I/O fans and give birth to a hole new generation of I/O fans. The journey has just begun!
IO's 1998 Cassette Single Release
1. Disco
2. Old Man's Pride
IO's 1996 Release "Seasons"
IO's 1993 Debut Self-Titled Release
1. Part of Me
2. You Should Know
3. My Kinda Girl
4. Til I Found
5. Always
6. One & Only
7. New Girl
8. Nothing Left
9. Only In Your Mind
1. One Way Ride
2. I'll Be There
3. You're On Your Own Again
4. Give It Up
5. I Can't Wait
6. Tell Me
7. She's No Angel
8. Just One Touch
9. Better Days
10. Take Me Home
11. Stand Up
12. Live For Today
IO's  2014 Release "Unbreakable"
1. Demons Inside
2. Taking My Life
3. Sacrifice
4. Grow Up
5. Inside of Me
6. Next to You
7. Vampire Eyes
8. Devil's in Your Soul
9. Say
10. Heaven
11. Love/Hate
12. In Your Eyes
13. Giving Myself Away
14. Unbreakable